Let’s get up to speed here

Many already know how this story begins, but for those who don’t….

On January 21, I found a large mass in my chest. I think I knew immediately where this was leading. It is so large that the fear flooded immediately.  For three long weeks, I was screened, probed, and scanned. They quickly told me that I should not hope for this to end in positive news.

The day after the doctors told me not to hope, there still was light

The anxiety of this time was consuming as I awaited for the inevitable news. I woke up on February 12, with a verse in my heart, a box filled with encouragement on my door step, and a song on the radio telling me to let my worries go.  That was the day I heard the words,  “You have breast cancer”.  I didn’t fall apart (I already did that), I just felt my spine turn to steel and my gears started strategizing.  Since that day we have discovered that it is an aggressive malignancy taking up residence in both sides of my chest. A full body scan has shown that the cancer has not spread outside of one possible lymph node that appeared enlarged (Praise the LORD!).

I have now been referred to a cancer center near our house (seriously 2 minutes away, people) where their only mission is cancer treatment. They have set me up with the chief of staff there and everyone has been so helpful.  I like to call it ‘helpful to the point of terrifying’.  Heads of Surgery, Doctors and liaisons alike have gladly handed out their personal cell phone numbers for me to keep contact.  They are all so positive though that I can’t help but feel fearless. There is no room for worry when the confidence of my caregivers is so infectious.  Monday, we get all the hard facts. I meet with my oncologist for the first time and he will outline the specifics of my cancer, treatment options, and my chances of survival for each recourse.  I’m telling you right now though…. my odds of destroying thing are 100% because I refuse to accept anything less.


15 thoughts on “Let’s get up to speed here

  1. Your strength and courage is absolutely inspiring and will be exactly what gets you through this and cancer free! My continued thoughts and prayers are with you and your beautiful family! Lots of love and hugs!!

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  2. Hello Ashley! John and I love you very much and care about you and your sweet little family You keep fighting like you always have and GOD will take care of you ! Please keep us posted!

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  3. Ashley,
    After I saw your post on Instagram I’ve been praying for you ever since. I’m here to encourage you through your fight! You have an amazing attitude 🙂

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  4. You are a true warrior and I admire your courage Ash!!! Lots of prayers for you and your family… I know its been a while since we’ve talked but just KNOW that I am praying and if you need anything or anyone to talk to, I am an open ear. Love ya Ash!!!!

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