Jumping Hurdles


Let’s just say… Flu-1. Ashley-0.  This post probably won’t hold any of my wit since my common sense is barely hanging by a thread.  I’ve spent the week in a near coma, while still managing to be physically (if not so much mentally) present at a whopping 7 doctor appointments. Funny thing about the flu, no one really cares about that when you have cancer. “Oh, you are immobilized with a highly contagious virus… we are still going to need for you to come in to have radioactive this or that injected in to your body”.

At least fever induced shopping was for cute headscarves....

At least fever induced shopping was for cute headscarves….

But, it’s Friday, the packages from bed-bound flu-induced online shopping are rolling in, and I’m almost human again. Or, at least I was until they had to re-route my Port this morning….


Port officially useable… Check!

Yesterday’s appointment was super informative so I figured I better catch you guys up.  I met with my oncologist to find out all the specifics of my cancer.  Turns out I have triple-negative breast cancer.  This is good because it is not hormone sensitive, (read…no immediate removal of my ovaries leading to super early menopause).  It is not so good news in the sense that it is more aggressive and does not respond to certain types of treatment. Chemotherapy though…. That should still put a hurtin’ on this thing, and that WILL be starting Thursday, March 12th! (Yay! I have a date, a time, a designated chair to report to!)  After that, I’ll have weekly infusions for 12 weeks, followed by 8 weeks of every other week.  So we are looking at about 5 months.  Five months of chemotherapy?  Yeah… for some reason hearing that laid out, that was a real ringer.  At the end of five months, hopefully the cancer will be almost if not completely gone before we hit the operating table. The odds of being in chemo induced remission are about 50/50 but I like to think I’m a bit special. The doctor did tell me that he only sees a port insertion like mine once a year…. Though that wasn’t such a hot thing seeing as the had to go in through my femoral vein and redirect the tube back towards my heart…. BUT, we’ll keep with the whole “Ashley, can never be just normal” thing, and know in our hearts that this chemo is going to rock socks.

The error in my port placement was actually sort of a blessing in disguise.  Since we had to re-route it today, I’m getting my week back. I was so angry about the loss of this final week with my family before the chaos.  As much as I wanted to be starting chemo today, this week is my do over.  So now, I’m going to try to take everything in and appreciate the practiced routine and sublime normalcy that is my life….at least for another week, anyway. You’ll have to excuse me now… the couch is calling. It’s officially Mexican takeout and movie night with Mom and my Mister.  Hello, Friday!


5 thoughts on “Jumping Hurdles

  1. Thanks for the update love, I know the flu sucks like no other. I hope your feeling better and can enjoy some sunshine and warmer weather this weekend. Prayers for you. #likeaboss


  2. Ashley—your attitude amazes me. You are some spunky girl!! The info regarding the rerouting of your port was very interesting in that Don had a port inserted for chemo (this was 15 yrs. ago) and it was major surgery just to insert it and to remove it. The procedure must have changed (for the better). Also, I never heard of triple-negative breast cancer. Info. sharing is a wonderful tool. I think we are all finding out things we never knew about before. Wish you all the best when starting your chemo. Prayers are going out for you from all areas of the country.


  3. Bless your heart woman!!! We continue to pray each and every day for you and the family. Tell Camden that we are there for him too. Stay strong!!!!!!!


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