Chemo Day… The Trial Run…

I wouldn’t normally post this close back to back, but the questions are coming in. To be honest, I thought I’d be feeling a teeny bit rough today.  As so many of you so sweetly remembered, today was supposed to be my first day of chemotherapy.  I could not sleep with the anticipation of today. Pretty sure my nervous energy was that of a kid waiting for Santa… Too bad, the fat man didn’t show! (que the tiny violins because the pity party was real!)

Three hours before I was supposed to show up for Chemo Day 1, I got a phone call letting me know that we would be postponing… temporarily until who knew when.  They may has well said never in my brain.  This was definitely the first time my care team saw me lose it. My response… “No”, followed by begging, a couple tears, and finally, straight up rage. I mean “who do I have to choke around here to get some answers?”  Thankfully they already have a true sense about me and know that if I was reacting like this, they really messed up.  Nothing like a little guilt for motivating the masses.

Some of you may remember me telling you that the cancer on my right side is different than my left.  Well… ol’ Lefty apparently decided to require some last minute further testing.  The results of this test will help them to better tailor my chemo medications.  Honestly, I’m glad we are getting this right.  But couldn’t we have figured this out… I don’t know… not today?

The bad news… today rocked my spirit.  HARD.  The good news… everyone was so ready for this chemo day with me, I couldn’t stay mad.  Cheery messages and surprise visitors and caring gifts showed up to root me through what was supposed to be a triumphant moment.  My parents arrived one hour after the phone call since they were supposed to be helping take care of me (aka spoil the grandkids).  The mister and I decided to go pick out a wig (courtesy of Tricare for any military who might find themselves in this situation someday).  This was one outing I would not regret.

My alter ego. She is, of course going to be a feisty redhead instead of this boring brown.

My alter ego. She is, of course going to be a feisty redhead instead of this boring brown.

I expected to have lots of craziness as we flipped through some styles. The wigs they have on hand are only in one color so you have to attempt to look past the color as you try on.  Surprisingly, I found my new persona almost immediately (name TBD when she shows up in the proper color).


Two up… two down…

Two up.... two way down... Guess who is definitely not a blonde?

Guess who is definitely not a blonde?


Did pick up this spiffy hat for leisure time… with red hair, of course.

Now… the guy who really had fun… The mister.  He seriously just has to be this awesome all the time.

We're starting the Hair Band next week. Don't worry!

We’re starting the Hair Band next week. Don’t worry!

After the wig expedition, we decided to see if we can get anything done about getting this chemo process started. Well, guess what. We are apparently both awesome because well… Chemo Day 1 Thursday 8:30am in the books.  And this girl is back to feeling just like a boss!

* Side Note: The soap opera glow on the picture is from weird lighting at the boutique… not so much our inner glow. lol


5 thoughts on “Chemo Day… The Trial Run…

  1. These are the moments you will share with your girls someday and laugh at the hairstyles. Praying and thinking of you daily.


  2. Your spirit and attitude can get you through anything, Ashley!!!! You know whats crazy?? You pick ‘all of us up’ with your posts!!!! Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around?? YOU and CAM pics always make me smile!!!!!


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