Hello 29. Goodbye hair.

IMG_9422Today, I turn 29, and I’m not sure I’ve ever been more excited about a birthday.  Okay, so maybe, five was an epic year but who can remember that? It’s strange because, I have never quite celebrated a birthday to this extent before.  The week started with the arrival of my best friend from college.

The bestie and the tinys

The bestie and the tinys

Megan and the mister schemed and plotted her appearance for Monday morning on a very unsuspecting me sitting at Starbucks (best birthday present ever, anyone?). With her arrival, I found new energy that I haven’t felt in months.  IMG_9255We took the little people to an Easter egg hunt, enjoyed surprise mani/pedis (courtesy of Megan’s equally sneaky husband), and did all the things we used to love doing back when our apartments were a courtyard away.  She even watched my tinys so the mister and I could enjoy a night out for a Battalion Ball.  IMG_9334

Last Wednesday, I even got good news as an early present from my doctor.  My labs were good enough that my shots (with the bone pain) are being reduced from seven to four after my chemotherapy!  HALLELUJAH. I couldn’t have been happier if he told me I was getting an all expenses paid vacation.  But then it got better.  A physical exam revealed that everything is already softening up.  He asked me if I noticed shrinkage and was shocked. Could it really be happening this fast?  Apparently yes, because today I could feel the first noticeable difference!  I wouldn’t be surprised if it had gone down by a third of its size.  So, my birthday for the first time in my life became an awesome birthday week.

If there was one thing that could have took me down a notch (shooting me straight back to reality), it happened Thursday night.  I was getting all fancied up for the Ball when it hit.  My hair was coming out.  In chunks.  I knew it was coming but it just happened all at once. No warning. So, I painted on a brave face and danced my worries away.  I told Cam we would shave it the next day.  And shave it we did.  It has been an adjustment (read: super hard on my vain soul) but I did it on my terms.

Oh hair... how I miss you...

Oh hair… how I miss you…

Here we go....

Soulmate, Bestie… Barber? Yep he does it all!

New revelation... Totally a girl who can rock a Hawk

New revelation… Totally a girl who can rock a Hawk


And… now we wait for it to go. Going a bit shorter tonight.

It’s a funny thing.  Normally I would mourn the loss of youth with each passing birthday but this one is very different.  Before, I was dreading 29 (Hello, 30! I see you creeping).  But, birthdays aren’t for mourning, they are about celebrating life.  I’m excited to bid adieu to 28.  For the rest of my life, I’ll remember this year.  Every time I see my scars, have to fill out a medical form, or see the doctor for checks.  But, I know 29 is going to be even more memorable.  Its the year, I become a stronger person, with more appreciation, and less worry.  29 will be the year I get to tell everyone, I’m in remission.


7 thoughts on “Hello 29. Goodbye hair.

  1. First off…Happy Birthday Ashley! Will surely be a roller coaster year to remember of an ‘all out fight’. But you are right. It will also be the year to say, I can ….and I will beat this! I admire your shaved head, mostly bc I have secretly wished to do it all my life. Wierd huh? But also easy to fanaticize about bc I have the choice. But you know what? I look at your face with just a little burr of hair, …..and I think….WOW! She radiates beauty! There is a spark, …….a light if you will….that comes from within and bounces off evey photo. There is simply no way to dull the beauty or spirit of You!


  2. Happy Birthday Ashley!!! You look beautiful and you will overcome this, God will bring you through it all!! I hope you had a great day and evening!! Keeping you and your family in my prayers!! If you need to talk to a survivor, just e-mail me!! I will have 5 years free in August!!! Just one day at a time!!!


  3. Happy birthday. As my husband, Don, so eloquently stated “if attitude beats cancer, she has nothing to worry about!” Also, the Mister should go into the hair business; great cut.


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