Do you see that?

See that girl? The one laying there recovering? With the 5 o’clock shadow for hair and a drug induced coma?FullSizeRender

There is an endless party going in her dreams right now because… the pathology is in from the double mastectomy and lymph node removal.

Today (and technically a week ago) there was no evidence of cancer in any lymph nodes or left breast.  Chemo crushed that.  And the residual cancer cells (no longer even considered a tumor) in my right breast were completely wiped out from surgery.  There is no evidence of cancer.

Don’t pinch me. It’s no dream.  I’m cancer-free! I can’t believe it…. Today, I’m cancer-free.


13 thoughts on “Do you see that?

  1. WOW! My heart literally just took a swam dive. What a beautiful message to soak in for all of us waiting for some news from last weeks surgery. Do you know how inspiring you are? Did you realize how incredibly strong you were before this? Rest up dear Ashley and let your beautiful body & spirit recover. Prayer and love surround you near and far! ❀️


  2. I love you Ashley and so pleased for you and your family. Take care and rest up for those girls. This is also Twins Month! Bless their hearts!


  3. Congratulations!!! You are a remarkable woman! I am so happy for you and your wonderful family!


  4. I’m so thankful to God that you are now cancer free. Your strength and faith and courage are very inspiring and I admire your positive attitude. I don’t think I could have gone through everything you have without breaking. God Bless!


  5. What great news! You are an inspiration to all especially your daughters! In their life they have the best rolemodel – their mom. Your family and you are in my prayers.


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