In Fighting Shape

Tomorrow is our next surgery date, and today I’m bidding a sad adieu to my running shoes.

Even though I said a long emotional “see you later” to my fav treadmill on Saturday (I may have shed a few tears), I still had one more box to check before I hung up the sneakers.  For some reason, I decided that the ultimate “I’m back” statement would be running a mud-stricken, hill climbing, obstacle course.  So, this morning the husband drug my tushie out to the Regiment’s Downing Mile.


“Let’s Kick Some Cancer Butt!”

First let me say… the Mister is a beast so he was all “Let me wear my body armor so I maybe get something out of it at your pace” and “Here, I’ll take photos of you while I’m waiting for you to get over the obstacles”.  What a pain in my rear right?!  But, still I made it!  We completed the course (in less than stellar time) then backtracked through it to complete it again.

I told him to tell people I did AWESOME, obviously. But the truth, of course, is…that I had some assists from Mr. Muscles  on the monkey bars (hello, I don’t even have full range of motion in my arms back yet!).  I also took some burpee penalties when the vertical walls got a little too high for this 5’5” gal.  Aaaaand…. I may have walked a bit especially when the mud got epically slick.  But dude… after the year I had, this feels like I’m back to fighting weight and ready to kick some more butt.



So… what’s my head like going into surgery tomorrow?  Well “internal Ashley” is pretty on par doing cartwheels and heel kicks and singing dirty rap songs (in case you wondered what was usually going on up there).  But, I’m also sooooo sad.  The other surgeries didn’t feel this disappointing because I wasn’t in a frame of mind to really feel like I was being tied down to a bed and told not to move.  And… well I love to move and bounce and run and feel all around alive.

With that said, I’m going to ask a favor.  Instead of sending me well wishes tomorrow, show me how you are living it up.  Post it to my Facebook, tag me on instagram, text my phone (that will be in Mr’s capable hands).  Show me you chasing your kids (or grandkids), or all sweaty from dancing it out, or just taking your dog around the block.  I want to wake up to a whole lot of livin’.  Just do something that gets your heart racing for me because I am going to seriously miss the heck out of some fitness and I love you all so much that I want you to feel just as alive as I do heading into this surgery.



4 thoughts on “In Fighting Shape

  1. I’ll be thinking about you all day! I’m planting flowers tomorrow, making my home a place you’ll want to visit. Can’t wait to see your beautiful face . Love you so much! Grandma .


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