A Speed Bump. Not a Crash

Today, I fell in love. The man I’ve been waiting for, really. He gave me all I could ever dream of and more!  He won my heart with three little words. “Drink. Some. COFFEE.” I know. Swoon worthy!

Just kidding! Well not really but… Can you blame me?Coffee-Slut-Name-Tag

My new man crush just so happens to be my new cardiologist (Don’t worry Mister, he could be my grandfather!). A cardio oncologist to be very specific and the big difference is… he has the low down on the know how.  And the game just changed again.

Besides the reemergence of my old caffeinated self, he gave me back the gym.  He said, “Don’t set fitness goals, but you may do whatever your body says is okay”. Well hallelujah. Not only do I get caffeine but endorphins too? Slap me silly, cause I’m darn near dancing over here. And while allllll that is awesome (beyond a doubt), he gave me something so much better.


He looked me in the eye and said “This is a speed bump. Not a crash”.  Apparently people with my type of heart failure, with my causes and factors…. They heal.  And not just an abstract… you’ll live with this and be fine till you’re not.  THEY HEAL. Their heart returns to normal. All I have to do is play the game.  And lucky for me I’m as type A competitive as they come.  You want to play this game?  BRING. IT. ON!


4 thoughts on “A Speed Bump. Not a Crash

  1. Ashley,

    I loved having dinner with you and your sweet family last week. The girls have grown way too fast!

    I loved reading your blog entry and am so happy the Dr gave you such awesome news and COFFEE is once again in your life!

    You are a wonderful example of perseverance and positive thinking. I love that you have HOPE again.

    You and your family are always in my prayers and maybe one day we will find out an answer to our family tree question! LOL



  2. Yay! I’m so happy for you. I will continue to think positive thoughts & make lots of toasts to continuing improvement! Hopefully a Big Mac is not to far in the future now.

    I miss you bunches… Let’s catch up soon! Hugs to the girls!


  3. Hummmm! A new love ❤️, HOPE 👍 and a great cup of Joe ☕️! Sounds like God landed y’all right down in the perfect place at the perfect time. Ya ever think Destinys got big plans for you Miss Ashley?
    Well I do!
    Forgive the delay in writing. We have been consumed with moving (& I know you know all about that) & I was waiting for a quiet moment to sit down and write. Your journey and your beautiful family keeps us all on our toes with ‘gasps’ and ‘grins’ ! Keep on keepin’ on Girlie! 😍 Always, always in my daily prayers!


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