Statistically Speaking…

I know. I left you hanging for the last several weeks and been breaking promises too. Even though I kept telling you a post is coming, I was really just living up to the promise I made last blog.

Plans. Fun. Living.

But I know it’s overdue. So many questions and concerns flood me every day that I know I owe you an hour of my time.  So here goes…..

What’s up, Ashley?

Well…. I have been throwing parties. Getting tattoos. Celebrating milestones. Packing up the entirety of a home and relocating it to Tennessee.  Purchasing a house and making it our own.  Oh, yeah and living with terminal cancer.

Almost forgot this was supposed to be a medical update… (and I’m getting to it).  But you see now? I have cancer but it most certainly doesn’t have me.   That is not to say it doesn’t effect my life.  It definitely controls about every moment of my day and how I do it.  But I still get up in the morning and do it anyway.

So, ready for a shot of the hard stuff?  Literally the day after the big move, I was able to establish my treatment and care at Vanderbilt.  The first meeting?  A horse pill of an appointment to swallow solo.  Stubborn me decided it would be fine to go alone.  I left the office in tears.  Have I mentioned that I didn’t want to know prognosis and dates and such?  That would be too much like a clock ticking over my head.  She gave them to me anyway…

There is a very good reason that I haven’t given you guys the name of my cancer.  It is bad.  Very bad.  But I call bullshit on anyone trying to tell me how long I get to fight.  There are simply too many variables in this science experiment to predict my conclusion.  Damn it, I’m a rare unicorn of being super extra.   The doctor basically confirmed it.  NO ONE gets this type of reoccurrence.  Like… a tiny margin.  Just like only a small percentage of breast cancers are BRCA positive.  So guess what?  I’m really flippin special here.  Like…. they should being paying me for the insight, “special”.  I sincerely doubt that I fall into anyone’s straight and narrow.

Another thing giving me (and you) hope….

I had my first chemo one week ago.  That was definitely three hard days of awful but I only need to do it every three weeks.  Dude, I so got that.  But, thankfully we won’t really have to much longer.  We are awaiting FDA approval for a medication that should be available sometime as soon as June or July.  It would be a daily pill with significantly better quality of life.  (Sidenote :  I hate that phrase. It feels like yours supposed to pick length or quality and that’s just not the situation here, at least we hope).

So… That’s about all I have for you guys at the moment.  Just know that I’m still here…. Being that annoying special snowflake in the complete wrong way and trying to make my own statistics.




4 thoughts on “Statistically Speaking…

  1. Ashley. You are a strong and amazing woman. Don’t give up the fight. We will pray for you and your sweet family. Thank you for the update. And again if there is something we can do let us know. Love Katja


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